Munich Risk and Insurance Center

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Associated Members


huber_tobias Dr. Tobias Huber



Dr. Sophie Roth

Munich Re


Daniel Ritter

PhD student at the Workgroup Financial Mathematics


Martin Bauer

PhD student at the Workgroup Financial Mathematics

Dr. Lorenzo Torricelli

Postdoc at the Workgroup Financial Mathematics



Dr. Nikolaos Argyris

Loughborough University

Areas of expertise: decision analysis; fairness in resource allocation; multi-dimensional inequality; emergency management

Vijay Dr. Vijay Aseervatham

Swiss Re

Dr. Klaus Bender Dr. Klaus Bender

Swiss Re

Prof. Enrico Biffis, Ph.D. Prof. Enrico Biffis, Ph.D.

Imperial College London

Areas of expertise: insurance risk, asset-liability management, longevity risk


Dr. Andrea Boos

Former Academic director and Teaching assistant at the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance

Prof. Patricia Born, Ph.D. Prof. Patricia Born, Ph.D.

Florida State University

Areas of expertise: insurer profitability, medical malpractice, catastrophe risk management, tort reform, managed care, risk retention groups

Prof. Mark Browne, Ph.D. Prof. Mark Browne, Ph.D.

St. John's University - New York

Areas of expertise: adverse selection in health insurance markets, the demand for property and liability insurance, the insurance underwriting cycle, insurer insolvencies, health insurance underwriting, and the demand for flood insurance

butler Prof. Richard J. Butler, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Benjamin Collier, Ph.D. Prof. Benjamin Collier, Ph.D.

Fox School of Business, Temple University

Areas of expertise: catastrophe risk, behavioral insurance, household finance, small business finance, public policy of disaster relief

Prof. Randy Dumm, Ph.D. Prof. Randy Dumm, Ph.D.

Fox School of Business, Temple University

Areas of expertise: impact of catastrophes on insurance markets, catastrophe modeling, distribution channel issues, financial product issues and performance, impact of risk on real estate, insurance regulation

Prof. Louis Eeckhoudt, Ph.D. Prof. Louis Eeckhoudt, Ph.D.

Ieseg School of Management (Lille) and C.O.R.E. (Louvain)

Areas of expertise: decisions under risk, risk attitudes, stochastic dominance

Prof. (em.) Dr. Dr. h. c. Roland Eisen Prof. (em.) Dr. Dr. h. c. Roland Eisen

Professor emeritus of Economic Policy and Labour Market Policy, Department of Economics, School of Business and Economics at Goethe University Frankfurt a. M.

Tobias Tobias Gerstner


hanselmann Dr. Michael Hanselmann


karl b&w cropped Karl Happe

Allianz Global Investors

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartung Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartung

University of Bundeswehr, Munich

Areas of expertise: equity regulation of insurance companies, micro-economic theory of insurance, risk theory, risk management, alternative risk transfer

Markus Huber - Photo Markus Huber

PhD student at the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance


Dennis Strümpel

PhD student at the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance


Dr. Stefan Neuß

Diözese Passau

jaeger Dr. Bernd Jäger

Allianz Deutschland AG


Verena Dr. Verena Jäger

Allianz Life

Pierre Joos - Portrait (high res) Pierre Joos

Allianz Deutschland AG

klimaszewski Dr. Barbara Klimaszewski-Blettner

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty


kling_100_136 Dr. Alexander Kling

Institute for Financial and Actuarial Sciences, Gesellschaft für Finanz- und Aktuarwissenschaften Ulm

knoller_associated Dr. Christian Knoller

Allianz SE

Kocher Prof. Dr. Martin Kocher

Professor for Economics with applications to the Austrian Economy at the University of Vienna
Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna

kraut_associated Dr. Gunther Kraut

Munich Re


kunz Dr. Andreas Kunz

Munich Re

Areas of expertise: pricing and hedging of exotic equity and fixed income derivatives

langnau Alex Langnau, Ph.D.

Allianz SE

christoph_100_150 Dr. Christoph Lex

Munich Re

liebwein_peter_neu Dr. Peter Liebwein

Swiss Re

lohmaier_100_150 Dr. Dominik Lohmaier

Versicherungskammer Bayern

Prof. Richard MacMinn, Ph.D. Prof. Richard MacMinn, Ph.D.

Illinois State University

Areas of expertise: corporate finance and insurance, executive compensation, theory of financial and insurance markets, genetic testing and insurance, longevity risk

Prof. Dr. Edgar Neuburger Prof. Dr. Edgar Neuburger

Institut für Wirtschaftsmathematik und betriebliche Altersversorgung GmbH

Areas of expertise: pension insurance mathematics, valuation of options

neuthor_associated Dr. Laila Neuthor


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

ott Dr. Peter Ott


Richard Prof. Dr. Richard Peter

The University of Iowa

purhagen_100_150 Dr. Kai Purnhagen, LL.M. (Wisconsin)

Wageningen University


Prof. Marc A. Ragin, Ph.D.

Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

Areas of expertise: catastrophe risk, insurer operations, insurance market economics, financial markets, and behavioral insurance

Dr. Paul Raschky Dr. Paul Raschky

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Areas of expertise: political economy, environmental economics, insurance economics

rees Prof. Dr. Ray Rees

Emeritus professor of insurance studies at the Institute for Economics

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Runggaldier Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Runggaldier

Emeritus professor of probability and mathematical statistics at the University of Padua

Areas of expertise: stochastic dynamical systems and applications (in particular to finance), stochastic filtering and control, discontinuous processes, financial models under incomplete information, interest rate and credit risk models, applications to insurance

PD. Dr. Jochen Ruß apl. Prof. Dr. Jochen Ruß

Institute for Financial and Actuarial Sciences, Gesellschaft für Finanz- und Aktuarwissenschaften mbH Ulm

Areas of expertise: development of innovative life insurance products, like unit-linked insurance with guarantee or actuarial and mathematical financial aspects of the secondary market for life insurance

Dr. Rainer Sachs Dr. Rainer Sachs

Independent Consultant to International Risk Governance Council, EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)

Areas of expertise: modelling complex systems, behavioural economics, human factor in risk management

Prof. Dr. Jörg Schiller Prof. Dr. Jörg Schiller

University Hohenheim

Areas of expertise: contract theory, institutional economics, health insurance, insurance brokerage, regulation of insurance markets, insurance fraud

Dr. Herbert Schmidt Dr. Herbert Schmidt

Berufsbildungswerk der Versicherungswirtschaft in München, e.V.

Areas of expertise: integrated risk simulation, gaming and simulation, vocational training Pascal Schoenmaekers

Munich Re

schwarz_guenter_neu PD Dr. Günter Schwarz

Munich Re

Areas of expertise: Insurance ALM, Solvency II and other regulatory systems, Insurance Accounting, Life Reinsurance

Sebastian Dr. Sebastian Soika

Munich Re

steinorth_associated Prof. Dr. Petra Steinorth

Universität Hamburg

dr_sebastian_strasser Dr. Sebastian Strasser

Swiss Re


Prof. Dr. Gregor Svindland

Leibniz Universität Hannover

winnie100_130 Yunjie (Winnie) Sun, Ph.D.


thistle Prof. Paul Thistle, Ph.D.

University of Nevada

Areas of expertise: insurance economics and corporate finance

weber Dr. Frederik Weber

Munich Re

wilson_juni16 Thomas C. Wilson, Ph.D.

Allianz SE

Chief Risk Officer

wolgast Dr. Michael Wolgast

Berlin Global Advisors


Ferdinand Zahn Dr. Ferdinand Zahn

Munich Re

Prof. Dr. Aihua (Eva) Zhang

University of Leicester