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Research Seminars

  • Risk & Microeconomics Seminar

    The Risk and Microeconomics (R&M) Seminar series, hosted by the Munich Risk and Insurance Center, is jointly organized by the Chair for Behavioral and Experimental Economics and the Institute for Risk management and Insurance. The R&M Seminar aims to facilitate the scientific interaction of members of the local faculty and students with renowned visiting scholars, and the exchange of views about contemporary topics in risk and microeconomics. The seminar series is part of the Master of Business Research (MBR) degree and is supported by the Verein zur Förderung der Versicherungswissenschaft in München e.V. more

  • Insurance Mathematics Colloquium

    This research seminar focuses on current topics of insurance mathematics, such as recent developments in life and non-life insurance, as well as re-insurance. It aims at bringing together academic members of the LMU with guest speakers of other well-known international research institutes and industry experts. Anybody interested is highly welcome to participate. more

  • Seminar for Finance and Insurance Mathematics

    In cooperation with the Munich University of Technology (TUM), the Research Group Financial Mathematics of the LMU hosts these series of talks which focus on current developments within the fields of financial and insurance mathematics, as well as stochastics and statistics. Anybody interested is highly welcome to participate. more

  • Risk & Insurance Research Seminar

    The seminar provides an overview on a wide range of current topics in the field of risk management and insurance. Research assistants of the MRIC present their recent research projects. The aim of the seminar is to discuss the projects’ approaches, results and implications intensely. more

  • Insurance Economics Colloquium

    Insurance Economics Colloquium

    Twice a year, the Hamburger Zentrum für Versicherungswissenschaft, the Lehrstuhl für Versicherungswirtschaft und Sozialsysteme in Hohenheim and the MRIC organize a joint seminar to present and discuss current research projects. more