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Risk & Microeconomics Seminar

The Risk and Microeconomics (R&M) Seminar series, hosted by the Munich Risk and Insurance Center, is jointly organized by the Chair for Behavioral and Experimental Economics and the Institute for Risk management and Insurance. The R&M Seminar aims to facilitate the scientific interaction of members of the local faculty and students with renowned visiting scholars, and the exchange of views about contemporary topics in risk and microeconomics. The seminar series is part of the Master of Business Research (MBR) degree and is supported by the Verein zur Förderung der Versicherungswissenschaft in München e.V.

Seminar program for the summer term 2018:




19th June 2018 Jie Ying (University of Iowa) "Should Corporate Pension Funds Invest in Risky Assets?”

Seminar program for the winter term 2017/2018:

Date Presenter
29th November 2017 Daniel Kalisky (Oxford University) "Did Medicare Decrease Diabetics’ Insulin Usage Until the Advent of Part D?"
5th February 2018 André Veiga (Imperial College London) "Community Ratings in the Market for Lemons"

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