Munich Risk and Insurance Center

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Research Group: Behavior in Risk-Taking and Insurance

Head of the research group:


Prof. Dr. Johannes Jaspersen

Assistant Professor for Behavioral Decision-Making and Insurance

Project participants:

heidler huber_markus li roth
Benjamin Heidler Markus Huber Lu Li Sophie Roth

Research Aim:

The group studies questions of individual and organizational behavior in risky situations with a specific emphasis on risk management and insurance decisions. Behavior is analyzed under a variety of paradigms, reaching from rational expected utility theory, over behavioral maximization models to bounded rationality. We cover questions of individual financial decisions and insurance demand, but also analyze organizational risk-taking and societal questions such as the study of terrorism risk.

Research Projects

Project 1:

Peer Effects in Risk Taking: Evidence from Germany

Project 2:

Managerial Discretion and Variable Risk Preferences

Project 3:

Physical and Mental Health, Health Shocks and the Willingness to Take Risk

Project 4:

Risk Aversion in Additive Multivariate Utility Functions