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Research Group: Digitization

Head of the research group:


Dr. Stephanie Müller

Program Coordinator of the Munich Risk and Insurance Center

Project participants:

huber_tobias joos
Tobias Huber Pierre Joos
struempel steinacker zoller
Dennis Strümpel Roxane Steinacker Sandra Zoller

Research Aim:

The group focuses its research activities on questions arising from digitization developments in the insurance industry and the society as a whole. Our projects address challenges for a broad spectrum of digitization topics. Exemplarily research focuses are:

  • The influences of Big Data use on actuarial practice
  • Emerging risks, especially cyber risks
  • The impact of digitization on insurance distribution and operations
  • Digitization-driven demand effects
  • Market movements and innovative forms of collaboration

Research Projects

Project 1:

How Management in the German Insurance Industry Can Handle Digital Transformation

Project 2:

Risk-Return-Understanding of Savings Phase in Life-Insurance Contracts

Project 3:

Assessing Risks in the Digital World: Evidence from Mobile Video Games

Project 4:

The Importance of Service Features in Cyber Insurance Policies

Related Executive Report

Versicherung als Instrument des Cyber-Risikomanagements (Insurance as Cyber-Risk Management Tool)

Project Partners: