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The Munich Risk and Insurance Center supports teaching activities in the field of risk management and insurance. More detailed information on currently offered courses can be found on the websites of the respective institutes:

Courses offered within the Executive Master of Insurance

The Executive Master of Insurance (E.M. Insurance) is a business degree program for highly motivated young professionals, enabling them to obtain additional background, as well as to amplify and broaden existing knowledge.

The courses offered within the program focus on insurance-related issues ranging from general economic and mathematical aspects to specific institutional matters, with an emphasis on today’s challenges in rapidly changing insurance markets. The curriculum is constantly being extended by new courses on topics such as digital transformation in the insurance industry, data analysis and current regulations and its management implications.

Courses offered by the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance

The Institute for Risk Management and Insurance provides a wide choice of lecture courses with a concentration on risk management, insurance economics and insurance management. The classes cover fundamental principles of economics and insurance as well as current economic and managerial problems related to risk management and insurance. 

The teaching activities concentrate on the Bachelor and Master programs offered by the the Munich School of Management, but also support the Bachelor of Business Mathematics and the Master in Financial and Insurance Mathematics.

In addition to academic ambitions, the institute places great emphasis on industry contacts. Therefore, the range of classes is complemented by applied courses taught by senior executives from the insurance industry. This includes topics such as reinsurance, current developments in retirement provisionvalue-based management of financial institutions, communicative leadership and digital innovation and insurance management.

Courses offered by the Professorship for Behavioral Risk Management and Insurance

The Professorship for Behavioral Risk Management and Insurance focuses on individual and organizational decision-making under risk and uncertainty with specific attention on behavioral theories.

The professorship offers a variety of classes on both the undergraduate and the graduate level. The offered courses cover both general theories of decision-making as well as applications to insurance markets, operational and financial risk management as well as national security. The classes deal with classical and behavioral economic theory.

Courses offered by the Department of Mathematics

The LMU Workgroup Financial and Insurance Mathematics covers various areas of Stochastic Calculus and Financial and Insurance Mathematics such as pricing and hedging in hybrid insurance markets, pricing and hedging under model uncertainty, convex risk measures and stochastic (partial) differential equations.

The teaching activities mainly support the Bachelor in Business Mathematics and the Master in Financial and Insurance Mathematics offered by the Department of Mathematics. Lectures and seminars on the theoretical foundations of financial and insurance mathematics such as stochastic calculus, arbitrage theory in discrete and continuous time and risk management, are complemented by a praxis-oriented teaching component within the framework of the quantLab, a computer laboratory for computational finance with emphasis on industry best practices.

Furthermore, the Institute of Mathematics offers various courses in the GrEnFIn project, in which the LMU is a partner.